Current and Upcoming Herb Classes

 Winter & Spring 2019

Our classes often fill up ahead of time. Please plan ahead and register early.  Thank you!

bee-balm-twin-flowers_med_hrHerbalism Series 1:

Upcoming Class Dates: Tuesday April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7, 21, 6pm to 8pm

In this 7 part series, learn how herbs can treat many acute and chronic illnesses including respiratory infections, digestive illness, ear infections, sore throats, auto-immunity, first aid, and skin treatments. Students will get hands-on instruction on how to prepare and use herbal remedies. Participants will take home a bottle of tincture and a jar of salve that are made during the sessions and will also build a booklet of reference handouts to keep. This series includes 2 complementary field classes to focus on plant identification and land stewardship. This series is designed to accompany the Herbalism II Series, but may also be taken on its own. The cost is $190 for the series, which includes a supplies fee to cover the cost of all herbal preparations. Enrollment is limited. This class is offered through The Source and takes place at 1111 Carlisle SE.  To register for this class:


Herbalism Series 2: CLASS IS FULL

Upcoming Class Dates: Tuesdays  February 12, 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19, 6pm to 8pm

In this 6 part series, learn how to use herbs for a variety of conditions including stress, chronic pain, insomnia, mood imbalances, deep immune issues, thyroid problems, heart health, lymph flow, urinary infections, and women’s health.   We will also discuss the herbal actions of plants and how to apply them.  Get hands-on instruction on how to prepare and use herbal remedies including making medicated soaps, liniments, syrups, and herbal honey. The series includes a complementary field class in the local wilds focusing on plant identification, land stewardship, and wildcrafting ethics.  Take home samples of the herbal preparations made in class and build a booklet of reference handouts to keep.  This series is designed to supplement the Herbalism Series 1, but may also be taken on its own. The cost is $165 for the series, which includes a supplies fee to cover the cost of all herbal preparations. Enrollment is limited. This class is offered through The Source and takes place at 1111 Carlisle SE.  Get notified when the next session opens for registration.

Advanced Herbalists dara-herb-walk-7_med_hrGroup:

Upcoming Class Dates: Summer Session 2019: 1 Saturday per month, April-Sept. ~ Winter Session 2018-19: 1  Thursday per month Oct.-March (WINTER SESSION IS FULL)

Become part of the local herbal community. Meet monthly with other herbalists for field trips, hands-on medicine making, and in-depth learning about herbs. This class is for continuing students, who have a firm foundation in Herbalism and would like to build on the basics. The yearlong course is divided into 2 parts:

The Summer Series runs from April/May though September and includes 6 field trips, giving members the opportunity to develop relationships with wild places and living plants while creating their own field notebook. Field trips include a variety of different ecosystems such as the desert basin, foothills, mountain forests in different elevation zones, and riparian environments. By the end of this series, students will be familiar with a wide range of plants and landscapes of New Mexico. The Winter Series runs from October through March and includes 6 sessions, each with hands-on medicine making, discussion, and independent research. Members will get the opportunity to prepare a wide variety of herbs and experience them as different forms of herbal remedies. Participants will make vapor balm, sunscreen, lozenges, mouthwash, bath salts, an acetous tincture, and an elixir.

Students may enter the Advanced Herbalists Group in either April or October, depending on available openings.  Annual membership costs $390 plus tax ($417) and includes 12 classes along with all of your supplies.   Enrollment is limited.  Payment plans are available – please inquire.  Students who have completed the annual class may elect to continue the Summer Series field trips and pay for summer membership only, $206.  Please contact instructor to register.


Making handcrafted herbal body products in class. Make your own in the next round of Body Bliss or Kitchen Cosmetics.

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Cannabis: The Cosmic Plant with Medicinal Delivery – 1 SPOT LEFT

Upcoming Class Dates: Tuesday January 15, 6pm-8pm

With Instructor Rachel Furnari ~Cannabis and its flowers are truly “outta this world”!  From the colors, to the smells, to its adaptations, this plant is truly cosmic.  This class is meant to cover the anatomy of the cannabis plant as well as the delivery system options available.  This class is great for those who are interested in learning about the plant itself and how to begin using it, medicinally.  Class will include a list of simple recipes that can be made in ANY kitchen. Class costs $25 and space is limited.  This class takes place at The Source, 1111 Carlisle Blvd. SE and registration is required. To register for this class:
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Herbs for Cold and Flu Season:

Upcoming Class Dates: Tuesday February 5, 6pm-8pm

Cold and flu season is upon us, so get ready with this class on herbs for respiratory health.  In this 2-hour class, we’ll talk about how to use herbs to strengthen the lungs and to ease runny noses, coughs, colds, fevers, and sinus infections.  We will also discuss herbs for chronic lung issues and make a vapor balm for everyone to keep.  The class costs $25 and space is limited. This class takes place at The Source at 1111 Carlisle SE and registration is required. To register for this class:
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Osha umbel 2

Distillates and Hydrosols:

Upcoming Class Dates: Saturday March 9, 10am -12:30

With Instructor Donna O’Donovan ~ Join us in making a hydrosol and aromatic tincture distillate. Learn how to create your own basic still from items in your own kitchen. A number of folk methods in creating stills will be explored and you will be delighted with the results. We will tap into the world of forest and tree medicine and work with trees that can be freshly gathered this time of year. The aromatic tincture will be from regional plants in the area. This will be a hands on demonstration with two unique preparations for you to take home. We will assemble and operate the stills in class and also discuss what hydrosols and essential oils are. Additionally we will explore the benefits of using hydrosols, which require lesser plant material to make a therapeutic, aromatic product. Learn applications on how to use and make your own unique, aromatic tincture distillate, too. This is another way to deepen your experience in medicine making with a fun and hands on class on distillation. Class costs $39 (all supplies included) and space is limited. This class takes place at The Source at 1111 Carlisle SE and registration is required. To register for this class:
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licorice flower bosque
Natural Strategies for Autoimmunity and Chronic Inflammation
Upcoming Class Dates: Saturday April 13, 10am-1pm
With Instructor Angie True ~ One in five Americans are now estimated to have some kind of autoimmune disease, with over 40% of these thyroid disorders. From psoriasis to lupus, rheumatoid arthritis to Type I diabetes, more autoimmune diseases emerge every year, and it has become one of the top ten leading causes of death in all females under the age of 64. Yet many remain unaware of what could be causing their vague and varied symptoms, and may even be misdiagnosed with a mental health problem. Even if receiving a correct diagnosis, there is little treatment available in the allopathic medical world. The good news is that there is so much that can be done to prevent, treat or even potentially put autoimmune conditions into remission! Join us to explore the many plant- and nutrient-centered strategies available for self-treatment, with a special focus on thyroid disorders. We will take a tour through the layers of these environmentally, ancestrally & culturally-induced conditions, from lab testing, partnering with autoimmune-literate physicians, emotional & spiritual healing, the most effective dietary plans, herbal pathways and more. Class costs $35 and space is limited. This class takes place at The Source at 1111 Carlisle SE and registration is required. To register for this class:


Bosque Restoration Field Day: May 4, 9am to 12 noon ~ FREE EVENT for the Yerba Mansa Project

Help us restore Bosque habitat, Yerba Mansa, and other native plants. Our restoration work thus far has been focused on removal of invasive Ravenna Grass from the understory, along with the replanting of Yerba Mansa and other native plants.  These events are open to all members of the community so bring your family and friends. Work takes place at our restoration site located along Tingley Drive, south of Central. Park in the lot at the south end of all the fishing ponds, which is .8 miles south of Central.  Wear protective long sleeve clothing and bring work gloves and a shovel, if you have them. City of Albuquerque Open Space will train our field crew and provide gloves and tools for those who don’t bring their own. Please RSVP with the number in your group so we know how many volunteers to expect.


Wild Herbs of New Mexico Field Series:

Upcoming Class Dates: Friday May 10 (6-8pm), Saturday May 11 (10am-12), Saturday June 8 (10am-1pm)

This course is a 3 part series, in which you will learn about wild medicinal plants from a variety of habitats in central New Mexico in 1 classroom session and 2 field trips. Through this series we will explore plant communities of the Bosque, the Sandias, and the West Mesa.  The classroom session will include discussions on the wild habitat, landscape history, and ecological issues for selected medicinal plants of the 3 regions. The herb walks take place in the wild areas surrounding Albuquerque and focus on plant identification and medicinal plant uses. This class is an excellent companion for the Ecological Herbalism Series (see below).  This series costs $85 and space is limited. Registration is required and the classroom session takes place at The Source, 1111 Carlisle SE.  To register for this class:

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Urban Medicine Garden:

Upcoming Class Dates: Tuesday June 4, 6pm-8pm

Get to know 75+ medicinal plant species in one location and learn how to turn your yard into a medicine garden. This class takes place in an urban medicine garden (in ABQ) and focuses on plant identification, cultivation, harvesting, and uses for common medicinal plants in the southwest garden. Class costs $25 and space is limited.  This class is for continuing Albuquerque Herbalism students only and registration is required. Contact us to register for this session.


Edible and Medicinal Weeds:

Upcoming Class Dates: Tuesday June 11, 6-8pm

Gardeners and Herbalists, put those pesky weeds to good use! In this 2 hour class, students will learn about local edible and medicinal weeds commonly found in parks, fields, yards, roadsides, and waste areas of the Albuquerque area. Herb discussions will include identification, harvesting, preparation, herbal actions, and healing or culinary uses for each plant. We will end class with a short neighborhood weed walk to practice ID skills.  Class cost is $25 and space is limited. This class takes place at The Source, 1111 Carlisle SE and registration is required.  To register for this class:

dsc_0023 croppedWild Food Tapas:

Upcoming Class Dates: Saturday June 29, 6-8pm

With Instructor Rhonda Newby-Torres ~ Explore wild foods from your backyard to the mountains in this course that focuses on plant ID, hands on fun, and eating! At the wild food tapas evening, students will engage in harvesting, preparing, and enjoying several wild flavor profiles while learning to identify and appreciate the abundance of wild food in our bio-region. Come with an appetite for knowledge and delicious food! The class cost is $38 (including all supplies).  Space is limited and registration is required. Class takes place at The Source at 1111 Carlisle SE. To register for this class:

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unmce-logo-header1An Albuquerque Herbalism Class offered through the University of New Mexico’s Continuing Education Holistic Health Program:


Ecological Herbalism Series: CLASS IS NEARLY FULL

Upcoming Dates: Mondays Jan. 28, Feb. 4, 11, 25, 6pm to 8pm

The Ecological Herbalism Series is a 4-part series of interdisciplinary classes that explores the relationships between people, plants, and the land. Taught from ecological, botanical, and geographical perspectives, the course aims to connect herbalists and nature lovers to the local surroundings by illuminating medicinal plants and the dynamics of the landscapes that make up central New Mexico.   Each of the four classroom sessions will focus on a different region’s ecosystem(s) and the plants we find there including the West Mesa, the Chihuahua Desert, the Bosque, and the Sandia Mountains.  Register via the UNM Continuing Ed website.