Current and Upcoming Herb Classes

 Summer & Fall 2017

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bee-balm-twin-flowers_med_hrHerbalism Series 1:

Upcoming Class Dates: Tuesday Oct 10, 17, 21, 24, Nov 7, 14, 6pm to 8pm

In this 6 part series, learn how herbs can treat many acute and chronic illnesses including respiratory infections, digestive illness, ear infections, sore throats, auto-immunity, first aid, and skin treatments. Students will get hands-on instruction on how to prepare and use herbal remedies. Participants will take home a bottle of tincture and a jar of salve that are made during the sessions and will also build a booklet of reference handouts to keep. This series includes a complementary field class in the wilds to focus on plant identification. This series is designed to accompany the Herbalism II Series, but may also be taken on its own. The cost is $160 for the series, which includes a supplies fee to cover the cost of all herbal preparations. Class is limited to 12. This class is offered through The Source and takes place at 1111 Carlisle SE.  To register for this class:
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Herbalism Series 2: CLASS IS FULL

Upcoming Class Dates: Tuesdays August 15, 22, 29, September 5, 12, 19, 26, 6pm to 8pm

In this 7 part series, learn how to use herbs for a variety of conditions including stress, chronic pain, insomnia, mood imbalances, deep immune issues, thyroid problems, heart health, lymph flow, urinary infections, and women’s health.   We will also discuss the herbal actions of plants and how to apply them.  Get hands-on instruction on how to prepare and use herbal remedies including making medicated soaps, liniments, syrups, and herbal honey. The series includes two complementary field classes in the mountains and the Bosque focusing on plant identification, land stewardship, and wildcrafting ethics.  Take home samples of the herbal preparations made in class and build a booklet of reference handouts to keep.  This series is designed to supplement the Herbalism Series 1, but may also be taken on its own. The cost is $185 (plus tax) for the series, which includes a supplies fee to cover the cost of all herbal preparations. Class is limited to 12. This class is offered through The Source and takes place at 1111 Carlisle SE.  Get notified when the next session opens for registration.

Advanced Herbalists dara-herb-walk-7_med_hrGroup: SUMMER SESSION IS FULL

Upcoming Class Dates: Summer Session 2017: 1 Saturday per month, April-Sept. ~ Winter Session 2017-18: 1  Thursday per month Oct.-March

Become part of the local herbal community. Meet monthly with other herbalists for field trips, hands-on medicine making, and in-depth learning about herbs. This class is for continuing students, who have a firm foundation in Herbalism and would like to build on the basics. The yearlong course is divided into 2 parts:

The Summer Series runs from April/May though September and includes 6 field trips, giving members the opportunity to develop relationships with wild places and living plants while creating their own field notebook. Field trips include a variety of different ecosystems such as the desert basin, foothills, mountain forests in different elevation zones, and riparian environments. By the end of this series, students will be familiar with a wide range of plants and landscapes of New Mexico. The Winter Series runs from October through March and includes 6 sessions, each with hands-on medicine making, discussion, and independent research. Members will get the opportunity to prepare a wide variety of herbs and experience them as different forms of herbal remedies. Participants will make vapor balm, sunscreen, lozenges, mouthwash, bath salts, an acetous tincture, and an elixir.

Students may enter the Advanced Herbalists Group in either April or October, depending on available openings.  Annual membership costs $390 plus tax ($417) and includes 12 classes along with all of your supplies.   This series is limited to 10.  Payment plans are available – please inquire.  Students who have completed the annual class may elect to continue the Summer Series field trips and pay for summer membership only, $206.  Please contact instructor to register.


Making handcrafted herbal body products in class. Make your own in the next round of Body Bliss or Kitchen Cosmetics.

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Wild Food Foraging: CLASS IS FULL

Upcoming Class Dates: Tuesday June 27, 6pm-8pm

In this 2-hour class, students will learn to identify, harvest, and prepare common edible weeds in your yard as well as wild foods on the mountain. We will also prepare a delicious snack using plants discussed in class. Students are encouraged to register for companion field trip classes such as Native Plant Medicine: Wild Herbs of NM or Urban Medicine Garden (see below). Class costs $28 (plus tax) including all supplies and is limited to 15. This class takes place at The Source at 1111 Carlisle SE.  Get notified when the next session opens for registration.

scarlet giliaBioregional Flower Essence Field & Lab:

Upcoming Class Dates: Saturday August 26, 9:30am- 4:30pm

With Instructor Angie True ~  In this workshop we will work with local plants to make mother essences as well as stock bottles for you to keep. Know that practicing the art of subtle, earth- based medicine is not a mechanical process, however – it is an enchanted one. In this experiential immersion, we will explore potent experiences in healing through our connection to place. We’ll learn consciousness-expanding techniques and delve into practices for cultivating intuition. We will also feast in the forest on gorgeous floral salad and mocktails! Designed for all levels of experience, this class serves as a gateway between self and the green world. Here is where we will learn how to open enduring channels of communion and communication. Our session begins in the classroom at The Source at 1111 Carlisle Blvd. SE and then we will carpool to our mountain field trip.  Pack a notebook or journal, any additional food & drink, your sense of humor and an open heart ready to travel beneath and beyond the everyday world. This full day class costs $85 (plus tax) including all your supplies and is limited to 15 people.  To register for this class:

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bosque-porcupine_1_med_hr-2Bosque Restoration Field Day: Saturday September 9, 10am to 1pm ~ FREE EVENT for the Yerba Mansa Project

Help us restore Bosque habitat, Yerba Mansa, and other native plants. Our restoration work thus far has been focused on removal of invasive Ravenna Grass from the understory, along with the replanting of Yerba Mansa and other native plants.  These events are open to all members of the community so bring your family and friends. Work takes place at our restoration site located along Tingley Drive, south of Central. Park in the lot at the south end of all the fishing ponds, which is .8 miles south of Central with the sign ‘Bob Gerding Catch and Release Pond’.  Wear protective long sleeve clothing and bring work gloves and a shovel, if you have them. (Open Space will provide gloves and tools for those who don’t bring their own.) Please RSVP with the number in your group so we know how many volunteers to expect.

Parsley Chimaja plant croppedHealthy Hand-Crafted Cocktails:  CLASS IS FULL

Upcoming Class Dates: Wednesday September 13, 6pm to 8pm

With Instructor Rhonda Newby-Torres: Hand crafted cocktails are delicious, inventive, and all the rage! Unfortunately, many of the ingredients available on the market are full of high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, dyes and preservatives. In this new class, learn to make your libations healthy and organic by infusing your mixers and liquors with beneficial herbs and natural flavors. Participants will make and take home vitamin-packed Grenadine and beneficial Bitters- 2 essential mixers in any bartender’s apothecary. In addition, participants will sample and learn recipes for several basic infused liquors as well as more complex recipes for a traditional New Mexican Christmas whiskey and homemade Gin. All participants will also receive a Craft Cocktail recipe book with class recipes as well as cocktail suggestions. We will finish the class off with a homemade, healthy cocktail! Participants must be 21 years old or older and have a valid ID during class. Class costs $35 per person (plus tax) including all supplies and is limited to 15 people. Get notified when the next session opens for registration.

Passionflower profileBotanical Dreaming: NEW CLASS!

Upcoming Class Dates: Saturday October 28, 10am to 2pm

With Instructor Angie True ~ Botanical dreamwork is a practice of remembering and honoring the places where the wild within and the wild without intersect. Helping us to drink more deeply from the powerful underground currents each of us contains, certain common plants have the uncanny ability to bring forth bubbling springs of vividly illuminating images, while others provide protection or speak to specific types of questions. In the first portion of the workshop we will explore ways of supporting truly restful sleep, conditions that can interfere with sleep as well as dreaming, and developing or enriching a daily dreaming practice. Next we will work with a selection of classical dreaming herbs, all of which grow or can be grown locally. Each student will take home their own personalized dreaming tea blend and wildcrafted dream pouch, as well as a sample dream salve. This half-day class costs $55 with all supplies included and is limited to 15. This class takes place at The Source at 1111 Carlisle SE.  To register for this class:

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rose-red-garden-closeup_med_hrBody Bliss: Herbal Gift Making

Upcoming Class Dates:  Saturday November 4, 10am to 2:30pm

Make your own hand-made gifts for the holiday season or pamper yourself by making your own herbal skin care products.  Come learn about herbs for healthy glowing skin and make your own luscious body butter, facial cleanser, aftershave, foot and body scrub, and fizzy bath bombs. Take home all of the pampering delights we make in class and get ready to make gifts for yourself and friends.  This half-day class costs $70 with all supplies included and is limited to 12. This class takes place at The Source at 1111 Carlisle SE.  To register for this class:

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rose-garden-pink_med_hr-2Kitchen CosmeticsSkin Creams, Lip Balms, & More: 

Upcoming Class Dates: Saturday December 2, 10am to 12 noon

Make your own moisturizing skin cream and healing lip balm and learn how to infuse them with herbs, customized for your needs. Plus we’ll make an additional surprise body product recipe that I know you will love.  This is a fun hands-on class and students will take home what we make.  The cost is $35, which includes all supplies.  Class is limited to 12.  This class takes place at The Source at 1111 Carlisle SE.   To register for this class:

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Join Dara for classes at Plant Healer’s Good Medicine Confluence in Durango, CO

Wednesday June 14- Sunday June 18


  • Rivers, Restoration, and Hope for Medicine Plants
  • Topics in Wildcrafting (with fellow Herbalist Shana Lipner Grover)
  • Pedicularis: Community Coordinator and Facilitator of Change
  • Drought, Climate Change, and the Future of Medicinal Plants

For conference information or to register: