Fall Equinox Plant Ally Meditation

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Ancient & earth-based cultures have always recognized the four outer & inner focal points of the year’s cycle, recognizing these special moments as times wherein powerful messages for humanity and/or the self may be perceived.

Consciously linking our awareness to nature’s and specifically our beloved Bosque’s cycles allows for deeper understanding of our own nature.

What better time to turn to natural forces for guidance, literal or metaphorical? The autumn equinox – harvest time – sits poised halfway between warmth and cold, light and dark, the bustle of summer and the rest of winter.

We, too, shall sit in liminal space between land and water, under the shelter of the Cottonwoods, guided by a personal plant ally. This is a relaxing, fun & illuminating journey.

This meditation is a fundraiser for the Yerba Mansa Project. Your participation and donation will enable us to continue our work, which includes offering many free programs to school classrooms and the entire community, restoration of native medicinal plants and their habitat, and ongoing data collection and ecological monitoring.


  • Class Date: September date TBA
  • Class Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Suggested Donation: $25-$75
  • Location: Albuquerque area Bosque, details will be emailed to participants
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Suggested Donation

Angie True

Angie True