Smart Hydration: The Role of Plant Medicine in Improving Our ‘Juiciness’

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75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Hydration and water play a key role in reducing inflammation, chronic ailments, and pain as well as support memory, heart health, mood regulation, and for many, spiritual connection. The quality of our lives greatly depends on our ability to support this ‘juiciness’. Yet how do we think creatively about hydration in the wake of issues such as water shortages and climate change? When we utilize smart hydration, allowing plants to support and fine tune this process, we open the floodgates of healing, assisting our cells, organs, and minds to reinvigorate themselves.


In this 3 hour course, we will explore:

  • Personal and cultural relationships with water and hydration and how these relationships affect health, happiness, and longevity
  • Herbs that best support hydration–with a focus on which ones are plentiful–and how to harvest, grow, and work with them
  • Your own lineage perspectives and practices regarding how to maximize ‘juiciness’, as well as what herbalism and Ayurveda says
  • The central role of herbal oils and steams in keeping ourselves luscious
  • Understanding the role of the lymphatic health with regards to hydration and which herbs work best to support this system
  • How we can nourish and properly saturate the respiratory, intestinal, and nervous systems with the help of particular herbs

Please note this live course is interactive. Plan to have cameras on and be prepared to engage if attending a live session.


  • Class Date: Saturday March 23, 2024
  • Class Time: 10am – 1pm
  • Cost: $38
  • Location: Live Online (Class link will be emailed to all registered students the week before class.)
  • Registration is required.


Jennileen Joseph

Jennileen Joseph