2021 Summer & Fall Classes + Events

Albuquerque Herbalism offers a variety of classes including both one-day specialty topics as well as in-depth series. Our classes often fill up ahead of time, so please plan ahead and register early.

  • Join our Herbalism Series as a semester enrollment that includes our core program, as well as all four one-day specialty courses.
  • Or register for single-day specialty classes listed below.

COVID Information: We are planning to return to in-person sessions for some of this semester’s classes while maintaining an online format for others. See each class for details. In-person classes are already nearly full so please plan ahead and register early. If public health orders prevent in-person classes at any time during the semester, we will live-stream. We welcome your feedback.

The Ecology of

Herbal Medicine:

Dara’s New Book


Featuring ecological/botanical story-telling,

a richly referenced materia medica,

and detailed color photographs

Semester Enrollment

Herbalism Series

August 24 – November 16, 2021 (Hybrid, see details)

A 17-class series that includes a variety of herbal topics, hands-on remedy making, and field trips!

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One Day Specialty Classes

Take any – or all! – of these four below as single classes or as part of the full Herbalism Series. Semester Enrollment students are automatically registered.

Herbal Garden:

Design & Care Strategies

October 16 (Online)

Plan your healing space: cultivation, design, and more

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Western Herbal Energetics & Constitutions

November 6 (Online)

Take your herbal knowledge to the next level via plant energetics & determining your own base constitution!

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All About Aromatherapy

September 11 (Online)

Explore the safe and effective use of essential oils in depth with an experienced clinician.

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Herbal Cocktails

November 9 (In-person)

Join this fun hands-on class to fuel your herbal creativity!


Advanced Herbalist Group

Advanced Herbalist Group

Fall/Winter session of this year-long series begins in October! (In-person)

Session is Full – Click Here to Join in the Spring

Made by Students


Meet this semester’s expert teachers!

Dara Saville

Dara Saville

Anna Marija Helt

Anna Marija Helt

Asha Canalos

Asha Canalos

Donna O'Donovan

Donna O'Donovan

From Our Students

“I’ve been taking my asthma tonic since Herbalism 2 ended this spring and it has done wonders for my asthma! I stopped taking my daily inhaler and haven’t had to use my emergency inhaler nearly as much as I usually do. I brag about it to anyone who will listen. So thank you!”

-- Laura

“I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your class, and that it has awakened something deep within me. For me it’s the missing link.”

-- Haidi

Banner photo credit: Jessi T. Walsh

Ecological Herbalism Series photo credit: Bill Pentler

Advanced Herbalism Series photo credit: Jessi T. Walsh

“I wanted to say a BIG thank you for an awesome class. Your knowledge is much treasured and your spirit is so lovely to be a part of.”

-- Molly

“Awesome thanks for all you do and supplying the community with badass herbal remedies! I made some rose elixir after we finished our class and it was amazing! Now I have some juniper oil going and hope to get a globe mallow tincture underway soon. I loved your class and learned so much– I truly appreciare you!!!!”

-- Skye

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