Yerba Mansa Project for Students, Educators, & Youth Groups


Removing Ravenna Grass

There are two ways to participate:  join our Restoration Field Crew and pitch in on our next Bosque Restoration Field Day and/or contribute to our Field Guide Project.  Families, youth groups, and kids of all ages are encouraged to join our riparian restoration work taking place in the Albuquerque Bosque.  Through this volunteer service project you and your child can contribute to the creation of healthy wildlife habitat and the rebirth of native plants.  You can join our next Restoration Field Day day or schedule a work day for your classroom or self-organized group.  We are also organizing interested classrooms, school clubs, homeschool groups, boy and girls scout troops, and other youth groups to collectively create an original ‘Plants of the Middle Rio Grande Bosque’ field guide.  Students who participate in this part of the project will do independent research on a selected plant, write a plant report, take photographs, and publish their work.  The work is being compiled into a field guide and that is available online so that Bosque users can view it on their cellphones while hiking.  This part of the project is geared to middle and high school students but younger students may contribute, tooRavenna grass kids.  All students joining the field guide project should be able to do these tasks independently and with the support of their educators and/or parents. Larger groups may request an accompanying educational program.

.Participating in The Yerba Mansa Project will provide an opportunity for students to contribute to riparian restoration work while enabling them to learn about the importance of the Bosque as critical habitat and to share this knowledge with others in our community.  There is no cost to participate. Sign your family or group up now to join in the Field Guide Project or a Bosque Restoration Field Day.


Restoring the habitat first ~ Albuquerque kids learning how to remove invasive non-native Ravenna Grass that is taking over the understory of the Bosque.

Share this project with other groups that may wish to participate or Contact Me to inquire.

Restoration 11 - 9:2015

Replanting Yerba Mansa in the Bosque

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