Thank You For Supporting The Yerba Mansa Project

You are planting the future!  100% of your donation will be used to accomplish our goals of reestablishing Yerba Mansa is new areas of the Rio Grande Bosque and to provide educational programs about Yerba Mansa, the Bosque, and medicinal plants with threatened habitats.

If your donation was to register for a Yerba Mansa Project class, you will receive a welcome email in the week prior to your class.  If you are a new student and would like me to send your welcome email to a different address from that of your Paypal account, please let me know.

Rewards for Other Donations ~ If your donation was $50 or more, you can register for any single-day Albuquerque Herbalism class with a 50% discount. If your donation was $100+ you can register for any single-day class free of charge.  If your donation was $1000+ you have earned free registration for an Herbalism Series.   Contact me to sign up. (This does not apply to Yerb Mansa Project class registrations.)

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Thank you!