Gut Inflammation, Hormone Imbalance, and Mood

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We’ve been reading and hearing a lot about inflammation. It’s a big deal. Inflammation is an immune system-mediated process that can damage tissues and alter normal functioning. Inflammation normally serves a protective role; for instance, against an infection. But under the influence of diet, lifestyle, environmental exposure, genetics, a “confused” immune response, and other influences inflammation can become chronic. One place where inflammation commonly arises is the gut. The resulting inflammatory mediators produced in response to triggers don’t just stay localized. They can cause problems throughout the body and can even influence mood, thyroid function, and sex hormone regulation.

Join us in a workshop targeting at putting the fire out. We’ll get into:

  • What inflammation is and what it does at the cellular level
  • How inflammation in the gut can impact our emotional state & influence our hormonal regulation
  • Simple nutritional and lifestyle hacks to promote gut health
  • Supportive herbs, mushrooms, and supplements

Participants will be able to pick up a complementary custom gut-care tea blend in either Albuquerue or Durango. (Sorry, we do not ship.)


  • Class Date: Saturday February 10, 2024
  • Class Time: 10am – 1pm
  • Cost: $42
  • Location: Live Online (Class link will be emailed to all registered students the week before class.)
  • Registration is required.

Anna Marija Helt

Anna Marija Helt