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Albuquerque Herbalism is a bioregional herbal studies program that brings students into relationship with the medicinal plants of the Southwest through classroom discussion, hands-on remedy making, field trips, and native medicinal plant restoration.

Our classes are taught by highly qualified herbalists who bring layers of professional experience to their instruction.

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The Nerve Of It All

Embodied Self-Care for the Nervous System by Asha Canalos A 1543 woodcut by Andreas Vesalius illustrating the human nervous system Ten years ago,...

The Orientation of Russian Olive

by Jennileen Joseph Russian Olive, Elaeagnus angustifolia This blog post is about orientation. I’m going to talk about who I am, where and who I’m...

Herbal Bathing: Maurice Messegue, Master of the Art

by Donna O'Donovan Maurice Messegue, French Herbalist (photo credit) "To know a river you have to know its source.” For Maurice Messegue that...

The Tagetes Genus: Two Key Herbs in Mexican Herbal History & Tradition

by Atava Garcia SwiecickiMexican and Mexican-American communities have a rich and vibrant history of herbal medicine traditions. Mexico has...

Rocky Mountain Mushrooms: Hawk’s Wing (Sarcodon imbricatus)

Rocky Mountain Mushrooms - Hawk's Wings (Sarcodon imbricatus) by Dr. Marija Helt   With its brown cap layered with dark, protruding scales,...

Anthropocene Apothecary

by Dara Saville Native Medicinal Plants That May Proliferate with Disturbance Events: . Recent news cycles have been dominated by stories of...

Bokashi! The Fermentation That Builds Soil

by Donna O'Donovan The Ubiquitous Microbe Lactobacillus: . Cabbage leaves provide good habitat for air borne Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus also...

Rocky Mountain Mushrooms: A Lot About Artist’s Conk

Rocky Mountain Mushrooms - A Lot About Artist's Conk by Dr. Marija Helt   Artist’s Conk. People actually do create art on it. More on this...

Oaks: Acorns, Flour, Perspective

by Donna O'Donovan Acorns from Oaks + Making Acorn Flour + Oaks in Perspective The English words for flower and flour come from the old French...

On Healing: A Gardener’s Perspective

In the author’s garden, mounds of Wormwood, Bee Balm, Sage and Lavender benefit from peripheral shade and dense plantings; the Pollinators have a...

The Ecology of Herbal Medicine:

Dara’s Book

Get ready to go deeper into botanical medicine through our unique bioregional-ecological approach. Dara’s book The Ecology of Herbal Medicine: A Guide to Plants and Living Landscapes of the American Southwest (University of New Mexico Press) is available now from your favorite bookseller.

Land Stewardship + Community Service

Happy Students


"I had a wonderful time exploring the hillsides and getting more familiar with where and how Oregon Grape grows. It was really cool to experience that easy giving of one plant here and there that you had described...Yes, being among plants is definitely a mood-lifting medicine on its own."

-- Katie

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