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Albuquerque Herbalism is a bioregional herbal studies program that brings students into relationship with the medicinal plants of the Southwest through classroom discussion, hands-on remedy making, field trips, and native medicinal plant restoration.

What makes our classes so special? They’re taught by highly qualified herbalists who bring layers of additional professional experience to their instruction!

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Bioregional Herbalism

The Beauty of the Bioregional Approach to Your Herbal Practice: There are many ways to practice herbalism including a multitude of traditions all...

Going Deeper with Pedicularis

Going Deeper with Pedicularis: There is undoubtedly a deeply alluring quality to Pedicularis plants that has drawn the attention of many herbalists...

Connecting with Our Heritage Through Herbs

Connecting with Our Heritage Through Herbs: As a young girl, I heard my great-grandmother tell stories about growing up during the early 1900s and...

Ecological Herbalism

Ecological Herbalism: Every herbalist has a unique approach to their practice. For me, its all about learning lessons directly from the land. Here's...

Wild-Spirited Gardening

Wild-Spirited Gardening: The magic of wilderness allures herbalists everywhere. There is nothing like walking through misty woodlands on a cool...

Aligning with Invasive Trees as Herbal Medicine

Aligning with Invasive Trees as Herbal Medicine: Walking the urban sidewalks, riparian woodlands, and other forested areas around your home you may...

Going Deeper with Yerba Mansa

Going Deeper with Yerba Mansa: I will never forget the moment I realized that The Rio Grande Bosque and I were one in the same. Walking along on a...

Herbal Tales from The Chihuahua Desert

Herbal Tales from The Chihuahua Desert: The northern Chihuahua Desert is a striking land filled with surprises of all sizes from an unending and...

For the Love of Weeds ~ Wild Lettuce and Company

For the Love of Weeds: Wild Lettuce and Company: A weed by almost any account... What do we mean when we call a plant a 'weed'? Usually that...

Herbalism in the Crossroads of the Southwest

Herbalism in the Crossroads of the Southwest: Welcoming in another new year often involves reflecting on the past and considering where we would...

Spring Equinox Yoga in the Bosque

Spring is a special time to enjoy the Bosque! Help support the Yerba Mansa Project by enjoying Spring Equinox Yoga in the Bosque. This class is intended to be a moving meditation to reenergize and awaken our potential while rooting ourselves in our landscape.

Herbalism Series

Join us for medicinal herb learning, hands-on remedy making, botanical field trips, and community. Begins March 31.

Happy Students


"I had a wonderful time exploring the hillsides and getting more familiar with where and how Oregon Grape grows. It was really cool to experience that easy giving of one plant here and there that you had described...Yes, being among plants is definitely a mood-lifting medicine on its own."

-- Katie

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