Bioregional Herbal Studies in the Crossroads of the SouthwestYerba Mansa flower copy

Join Dara Saville and other local herbalists for courses designed to bring natural wellness and plant medicine knowledge back to the people. Herb classes start at just $15. Learn about the properties of plants and how to prepare herbal remedies through lectures, field trips, and hands-on activities. Make custom herbal body products, prepare your own wild foods, and delve into flower essences.  Explore New Mexico landscapes and take part in active riparian restoration work and replanting native medicinal plants in the wild. Classes range from one-day specialty topics to multi-week series or 12 month advanced study programs that will take you deeper into the world of plant medicine.

Albuquerque Herbalism Founder, Dara Saville, has been nominated for Edible Magazine’s Olla/Local Hero Award! Please click here to vote for us and local herbalism before Dec. 15th. Thank you!


Albuquerque Herbalism’s Fall & Winter 2017-2018 Classes:

  • Herbalism Series 1: begins Tuesday October 10 – CLASS IS FULL
  • Advanced Herbalists Group: Winter Session begins in October – CLASS IS FULL
  • Botanical Dreaming: Saturday October 28
  • Body Bliss Herbal Gift Making Workshop: Saturday November 4
  • Kitchen Cosmetics: Saturday December 2 – CLASS IS FULL
  • Medicinal Cannabis Education: Tuesday January 16 – FREE CLASS
  • Ecological Herbalism Series: begins Monday January 22
  • Herbs for Cold & Flu Season: Saturday February 3
  • Herbalism Series 2: begins Tuesday February 13
  • Distillates and Hydrosols: Saturday March 3 – NEW CLASS
  • Also see our free community herbalism classes and events

While many of our classes take place at The Source, some are offered at other locations. ~ Please see class descriptions for the location of your class.

Coming in Spring 2018:

Medicinal Weeds, Herbalism Series 1, and more…Ocotillo branch

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Yarrow flowers pinkDedication ~ The ongoing work of Albuquerque Herbalism is dedicated to the loving memory of Bert Norgorden.  Bert’s love of plants, both as subjects of scientific research and as beings of exceptional beauty, made him one of the Albuquerque area’s most accomplished herbalists.  His powerful plant medicine, his inspiring teachings, and his alluring plant portraits will be forever missed.