2021 Free Community Classes & Events


Environmental Education for Land Health and Human Health

Friday September 10 (3pm), attend in-person or live online, open to the public

UNM Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

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The Ecology of Herbal Medicine:
Herbalism Talks & Book Signing

Embudo Valley Public Library, Dixon: Oct. 2 (12 noon, In-Person)

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Cherry Hills Public Library, Abq: Oct. 9 (11am, In-Person)

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City of Albuquerque Co-Sponsored Plant Walks

Open Space Visitor Center: Saturday October 16 (2pm, In-person) Traditional Medicinal Plants

BioPark, Tingley Beach: Saturday Oct. 23 (11am, In-Person)

The Ecology of Herbal Medicine: Discussion

Southwest Word Fiesta: Oct. 22 (3:30pm, Online)

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Fort Collins Book Fest: Oct. 24 (2pm, Online)

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Bosque Restoration Field Day

Yerba Mansa Project: September 18 (In-person)

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The Ecology of

Herbal Medicine:

Dara’s New Book


Featuring ecological/botanical story-telling,

a richly referenced materia medica,

and detailed color photographs

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Herbalism Series

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Western Herbal Energetics & Constitutions

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All About Aromatherapy

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Herbal Garden: Design & Care Strategies

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