2022 Winter & Spring Classes + Events

Albuquerque Herbalism offers a variety of classes including both one-day specialty topics as well as in-depth series. Our classes often fill up ahead of time, so please plan ahead and register early.

  • Join our Herbalism Series as a semester enrollment that includes our core program, as well as all four one-day specialty courses.
  • Or register for single-day specialty classes listed below.

Semester Updates:

  • We are planning a return to in-person classes for all sessions except Medicinal Cannabis, which will be live online. Masks will likely be required for this semester. We will update class descriptions with COVID precautions over the winter.
  • We are anticipating possible changes to course offerings starting in summer 2022. If you are interested in our Semester Course or other classes, please register now. Details will be forthcoming as they are solidified.

The Ecology of

Herbal Medicine:

Dara’s New Book


Featuring ecological/botanical story-telling,

a richly referenced materia medica,

and detailed color photographs

Semester Enrollment

Herbalism Series

February 15 – May 10, 2022: In-person

A 17-class series that includes a variety of herbal topics, hands-on remedy making, and field trips!

View Details- class is nearly full

One Day Specialty Classes & Events

Take any – or all! – of these four below as single classes or as part of the full Herbalism Series. Semester Enrollment students are automatically registered.

Medicinal Cannabis

February 26: Live Online

Explore your endocannabinoid system and how to use cannabis medicinally

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Harvesting the Wild: A Fermentation Tour

March 19: In-person

Learn to make your own wild-harvested fermented foods and beverages

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Full: Email to join the wait list

(We will notify you if spots open up.)

Managing Chronic Inflammation

April 23: In-person

Discover botanical strategies for building and maintaining wellness

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Full: Email to join the wait list

(If there is demand, we will schedule an additional 2pm session on the same date.)

Edible and Medicinal Weeds

May 3: In-person

Resilient local weeds can nourish our own resilience as food and medicine

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One Day Special Event

(Not included in Semester Enrollment but semester students have a similar field class included in their course schedule.)

Summer Solstice Medicinal Plant Walk in the Bosque

June 21: In-person

Celebrate this time of transition with an evening stroll through our local Bosque wild lands.

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Advanced Herbalist Group

Advanced Herbalist Group

Spring/Summer session of this year-long series begins in April: In-person and outdoors

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Made by Students


Meet this semester’s expert teachers!

Rachel Furnari

Rachel Furnari

Anna Marija Helt

Anna Marija Helt

Dara Saville

Dara Saville

Donna O'Donovan

Donna O'Donovan

From Our Students

“I wanted to let you know how much the classes I have taken with you have meant to me. I now have the confidence to take what you’ve given me and continue my own home studies and to experiment on my own – something I never would have done before your classes. I am so grateful to have herbs and herbalism as a regular part of my life now and that has happened because of you and your very accessible way of teaching and the affordability of your classes. I am indebted to you more than I am to any book or online blog or website I’ve ever read or seen, because you made it real for me and gave me the tools to do this on my own.”

-- Anne

Ecological Herbalism Series photo credit: Bill Pentler

“I was so very moved this evening to hear your words around our beautiful Bosque. I can’t even describe to you how much your words meant, hearing from your perspective, its story, plant connections, relationships, and also its waning….I was so moved! I have heard about you a long time from mutual friends about taking your classes and was so excited I finally got in!…Truly, your words and data/information, but how your heart speaks to it, is mind-blowing and moving. Big hugs and thanks again for teaching our community your wonderful class…and doing the work you do!!”

-- Reem

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