2020 Winter & Spring Classes + Events

Single Day & Herbal Series

Albuquerque Herbalism offers a variety of classes including both one-day specialty topics as well as in-depth series. Our classes often fill up ahead of time, so please plan ahead and register early.

Our mission is to deepen the roots of folk herbalism and to foster reciprocal relationships with the land by making herbal education accessible through community partnerships, engaging people in the restoration of native plant communities, and connecting them with the common wild and cultivated plants of our local area for the purposes of health and well-being.

*All classes through April, May, and June will be offered live via Zoom.

One Day Herb Classes

Hydrosols & Distillates

June 6: ONLINE


Learn how to create your own basic still & take home two aromatic preparations!

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Can’t make it for classes?

Dara’s forthcoming book Ecology of Herbal Medicine will be available for pre-order this fall through UNM Press.

Urban Medicine Garden



Explore the range of medicine an urban garden can hold!

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Edible & Medicinal Weeds

June 9: ONLINE


Resilient local weeds can feed our own resilience through nutrition & medicine!

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“I wanted to say a BIG thank you for an awesome class. Your knowledge is much treasured and your spirit is so lovely to be a part of.”

-- Molly

Summer Solstice Medicinal Plant Walk

June 20: ONLINE

Celebrate the time of new beginnings with an evening stroll through the Rio Grande woodland!

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Herbal Series Courses

Herbalism II Series

Starts February 11

No prior classes required.

Learn how to use herbs for a variety of conditions and make your own herbal products!

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Ecological Herbalism Series

Starts January 27: CLASS IS FULL

Explore the relationships between people, plants, and the land!

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Advanced Herbalist Group

Spring/Summer session of this year-long series begins in April! Online sessions, as necessary or in-person, as we are able.

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Herbalism Series I:

Starts March 31 : ONLINE: CLASS IS FULL

Learn how to use herbs to treat all kinds of conditions while making your own remedies!

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“I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your class, and that it has awakened something deep within me. For me it’s the missing link.”

-- Haidi

Wild Herbs of New Mexico

April 25 + May 30, ONLINE

Explore our wild medicinal plants in the field!

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Made by Students

Upcoming Classes

Medicinal Cannabis: How it Works


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Healing Depression, Anxiety & Brain Fog with Plants


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Herbal Skin Creams & Lip Balms

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Meet this semester’s devoted & informed teachers!

Donna O'Donovan

Donna O'Donovan

Dara Saville

Dara Saville

From Our Students

“I wanted to let you know how much the classes I have taken with you have meant to me. I now have the confidence to take what you’ve given me and continue my own home studies and to experiment on my own – something I never would have done before your classes. I am so grateful to have herbs and herbalism as a regular part of my life now and that has happened because of you and your very accessible way of teaching and the affordability of your classes. I am indebted to you more than I am to any book or online blog or website I’ve ever read or seen, because you made it real for me and gave me the tools to do this on my own.”

-- Anne

“I was so very moved this evening to hear your words around our beautiful Bosque. I can’t even describe to you how much your words meant, hearing from your perspective, its story, plant connections, relationships, and also its waning….I was so moved! I have heard about you a long time from mutual friends about taking your classes and was so excited I finally got in!…Truly, your words and data/information, but how your heart speaks to it, is mind-blowing and moving. Big hugs and thanks again for teaching our community your wonderful class…and doing the work you do!!”

-- Reem

Hey, Want to Suggest a Class?

Missed any of our classic classes on flower essences, herbal first aid, botanical dreaming & more listed here? Or have general questions? Drop us a line!

Advanced Herbalism Series photo credit: Bill Pentler