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Comfrey Ornamental 2What Students and Our Community Have to Say About Our Classes…

“I wanted to say a BIG thank you for an awesome class. Your knowledge is much treasured and your spirit is so lovely to be a part of.”–Molly

“I’ve been taking my asthma tonic since Herbalism 2 ended this spring and it has done wonders for my asthma! I stopped taking my daily inhaler and haven’t had to use my emergency inhaler nearly as much as I usually do. I brag about it to anyone who will listen. So thank you!” –Lauraclassroom-body-bliss-3_med_hr

“I had a wonderful time exploring the hillsides and getting more familiar with where and how Oregon Grape grows. It was really cool to experience that easy giving of one plant here and there that you had described…Yes, being among plants is definitely a mood-lifting medicine on its own.”–Katie

“I wanted to let you know how much the classes I have taken with you have meant to me. I now have the confidence to take what you’ve given me and continue my own home studies and to experiment on my own – something I never would have done before your classes. I am so grateful to have herbs and herbalism as a regular part of my life now and that has happened because of you and your very accessible way of teaching and the affordability of your classes.  I am indebted to you more than I am to any book or online blog or website I’ve ever read or seen, because you made it real for me and gave me the tools to do this on my own.” –Anne

“Just wanted to say first of all I have really enjoyed your class….you have SUCH good positive energy about you! Looking forward to class in May and I have started dreaming/planning my herb garden this year. Cannot wait to start working with these “beings” myself and really getting to know them on a level I never realized was even possible. I have really started looking at and moving in the world very differently on hikes etc since becoming your student.”–Molly

“I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your class, and that it has awakened something deep within me. For me it’s the missing link. I’ve danced around the Mother Earth culture most of my life, but didn’t find the connection in growing my own food, cooking, or having animals, that I feel in this.  I love the intuitive nature. I’ve never heard anyone talk about plant intelligence but it resonates. I like that you encourage intuition, that you don’t have to “grow them all”, just what you really love/connect with. You strike me as a practical, sensible person, but you also allow yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom and acknowledge that there is more than just what our senses can inform us of. I look forward to learning more. Thanks for doing what you do and following your own passions so well.”–Haidi

“I had been wanting to e-mail you and just say how amazing your medicine is…. I used the cough tincture combo and it got rid of my sore throat and prevented a cough like never before for me. I just wanted to compliment you on your medicine making and say I am a believer more then I was before which I didn’t think possible!”–DeAnn

Dara Students CABQ

Dara and students checking out new wild seedlings on a Spring Herb Walk for the City of Albuquerque Summer Series. (Photos by William Pentler)

Dara Sudents CABQ 2


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