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What Our Students Say

Herbalism Series

"I am sooo grateful for you and all the experiences brought into my life by Albuquerque Herbalism. ... You've provided a beautiful space where I feel safe to share and I think that openness is so healing for myself and others. ... Anywho, I truly am grateful for you and I look up to you very much! Thank you for all you do."

-- Caroline

Botanical Dreaming I

"Wow, what a fun class! I had no idea it was going to go into so much depth. Now I'm ready to explore a whole new facet of life, especially learning how to ask for certain kinds of dreams. I can't wait to try out the dream tea I got to make, the dream medicine bundle & thank you for the bonus wild dreaming salve!"

-- Christian

Advanced Herbalists Group

"I went for a walk by myself on a forest trail which goes around town, and I paused to look out over the river from a high bank, and as I was standing by a spruce tree, I felt your presence and tears came to my eyes. I now stop every time at that spruce when I walk/run, spend a little time together and am reminded that you were the one who awakened me to the spirit of plants."

-- Haidi

Botanical Dreaming II

"What I liked a lot is how hands-on this class was. Doing the activities was great, especially making the dream elixirs...and the discussions on twilight states. And getting to take home all these amazing notes on each dreaming herb - wow. I can't thank you enough."

-- Isaac

Advanced Herbalists Group

"I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your class, and that it has awakened something deep within me. For me it's the missing link. I've danced around the Mother Earth culture most of my life, but didn't find the connection in growing my own food, cooking, or having animals, that I feel in this. I love the intuitive nature. I've never heard anyone talk about plant intelligence but it resonates. I like that you encourage intuition, that you don't have to grow them all, just what you really love/connect with. You strike me as a practical, sensible person, but you also allow yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom and acknowledge that there is more than just what our senses can inform us of. I look forward to learning more. Thanks for doing what you do and following your own passions so well."


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