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Bioregional Herbal Studies and Medicinal Plant Restoration

Combining Field, Classroom & Experiential Herbal Education Since 2011

Albuquerque Herbalism is a bioregional herbal studies program that brings students into relationship with the medicinal plants of the Southwest through classroom discussion, hands-on remedy making, field trips, and native medicinal plant restoration.

Our program incorporates an interdisciplinary whole landscape approach that focuses on the interconnectivity between people, plants, and the land. This approach is based in ecological herbalism, which highlights the ecological interactions of plants, awakens our empathic experience with the entire living landscape, and promotes a better understanding of the dynamic biological and cultural worlds in which we live.

Classes include in-depth series and single-day specialty topics with professional Southwestern herbalists, each bringing their own areas of expertise. Students have the opportunity to engage in native medicinal plant restoration and deepening a reciprocal relationship with the land along the banks of the Rio Grande.

Our Approach

Bioregional herbalism is the practice of working with plants growing where you live for the purposes of health and well-being. Using locally available plants creates an herbal practice that is more affordable and truly sustainable.

Learning how to work with abundant urban weeds, common plants from our surrounding wild lands, and crops from our cultivated gardens promotes a deeper connection with the local landscape. Empowerment grows as you get to know wild plants and places, grow and harvest your own plant medicine ingredients, and prepare your own custom herbal remedies suited to your health goals and lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

Ecological herbalism is a way of understanding where we live and learning about the plants around us. It is an interdisciplinary approach to herbal practice that includes learning about the natural processes unfolding in wild areas and how plants interact with each other and their environment.

By embracing an ecological herbalism perspective, we gain insights about how plant communities are changing and develop newfound clarity about the herbal actions of plants in the land and as remedies for people.

Dedication ~

The ongoing work of Albuquerque Herbalism is dedicated to the loving memory of Bert Norgorden. Bert’s love of plants, both as subjects of scientific research and as beings of exceptional beauty, made him one of the Albuquerque area’s most accomplished herbalists. His powerful plant medicine, his inspiring teachings, and his alluring plant portraits will be forever missed.

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Artemisia: Excerpt from The Ecology of Herbal Medicine

Artemisia/Sage: The Ecology of Herbal Medicine The following is an excerpt from Dara Saville's new book The Ecology of Herbal Medicine: A Guide to Plants and Living Landscapes of the American Southwest from the University of New Mexico Press (2021).  Artemisia...

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Cultivating Mental Health During the Pandemic Winter

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Pandemic Garden

Pandemic Garden by Dara Saville Throughout history the role of gardens has been shaped by cultural viewpoints and conditions specific to the time. Extensive wild-spirited gardens helped ancient people to begin building sedentary societies, develop new lifestyles,...

COVID-19 Support

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